Are Iowans America’s Best Tippers?
Jeff Lynn from the Work Release Drive Home program on KIIK 104-9 constantly hovers over me when we go out for lunch to ensure I am tipping adequately.  Tipping for me is commensurate to the level of service I receive. I'll at least leave the traditional 15% unless the experience was a trai…
It’s The Eclipse, But First Let Me Take A Selfie
It's the science event of a lifetime. I'm talking about the Solar Eclipse taking place on Monday. Day will turn to night for a brief period of time.
According to,  if you want to take a selfie with the eclipse you're going to need a special lens...
Are You The Next American Idol?
Think you have what it takes to be the next American Idol?
The hit reality show returns to a new network this fall. Catch all the drama and suspense live on ABC and WQAD locally. Before the show starts, they need singers. According to Denise Hnytka's Facebook page, WQAD is looking to send someon…
Drinking Wine for a Cause in the East Village is a Win-Win
Weekends and wine go together, and this weekend perhaps even more so.
The Village of East Davenport is holding a Wine Walk this Saturday, August 19th from 3 to 6pm.
For just $20, you can sample a variety of wines at locations throughout the village...
Could QCA Applebee’s And IHOPs Close?
A local news outlet is reporting that the parent company of the Applebee's and IHOP chain -- DineEquity -- has announced that they will be closing as many as 135 Applebee’s restaurants, and 25 IHOP restaurants.
The closings would happen before year's end, with 'poor sales&ap…
Quad City Craft Brewery Will Compete For State Honor
Wishing good luck to Bent River Brewery this weekend. They are competing with other Illinois brewery's to be named Official Bicentennial Craft Beer at the Illinois State Fair.
According to, the Illinois Bicentennial Craft Beer Competition Tent is located inside Gate 1 in the Ha…
Davenport Putting The Brakes On Speeders
It's time to slow down, Davenport.
According to, the City of Davenport is installing 24 new radar speed signs all over the city, especially around parks and schools, as well as other problem areas. Find out where they are going to be placed here...
Vote to Decide Iowa’s New License Plate Design
Illinois began replacing license plates with a new design at the beginning of this year. Now Iowa is switching plates, and you can help decide what the new plates should look like.
There are three designs to choose from:
The Great Wide Open has a teal stripe across the top representing the sky, a…

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