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Quad City Bridge Close For Inspection
It's that time of year again. One local bridge will be closed this week for inspection.
According to WQAD, the Government Bridge (a.k.a. the Arsenal) will be closed starting at 8:30am on Friday. The bridge will be open to pedestrians but closed to traffic...
Women Do It Just As Much As Men
Ladies! We gotcha. You might think we don't, but we do.
I'm talking about ogling. Ladies, you all know you do it, you're just a little quieter about it then men, and a lot less creepy.
Ogling is defined as:
verb (used with object), ogled, ogling...
Heads Up On A Potential Scam In The Quad Cities
According to OurQuadCities.com, The Hawkins family in Davenport want to warn Quad City residents of a potential scam.
They say they hired E and J Flooring Company to perform work on their house with many no calls, no shows, missing supplies, and have paid more than $2000 in extra costs…
Are QC Dunkin’ Donuts Dumping The Donuts?
Could it be Quad City area Dunkin' Donuts are eliminating donuts? Not so fast. It's true the company is set to drop the word, "Donuts" at one of its locations as an experiment next week.
Get Ready To Party This St. Patty’s Day In The Quad Cities
I had a talk with my buddy Shawn Loter at the Mississippi Valley Fairgrounds this morning. Always good to catch up with that dude.
He asked me to pass along word about his huge St. Patrick's Day party at the fairgrounds this year.
When Kelly's closed, Shawn saw a need in the Quad Cities...
It’s Cookie Time In The Quad Cities
Seriously, my waist line is being put to the test this winter. How's your New Year resolution to lose weight going? Well, it's about to be put to the test.
According to WQAD, it's Girl Scout Cookie time. Your favorite Girl Scout will be hitting the street with their delicious cook…
Get Out And Do Something This Weekend
We are almost 2 weeks in to 2018. I'm bored already. It's pry the weather.
According to the QCTIMES.COM, here are 6 things to do this weekend in the Quad Cities.
1. The Cerny Broyhers
Friday at the Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel, 304 E. 3r...
Moline Is Looking To Fill Soon-To-Be Vacant Sam’s Club
With the news yesterday of the Moline Sam's Club closing, it has made a lot of residence wonder "what's next?"
According to KWQC, the store was one of the top tax revenue generators in the city of Moline. There was also no indication the store was in trouble...

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