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Do Your Kitchen Cooked Chips Taste Funny?
They are a little thicker chip than Lays. The best ones are the ones that are crinkled up. But is seems our favorite potato chip isn't tasting like they used to.
According to WQAD, because of new government regulation, Kitchen Cooked had to drop the trans fats...
New Restaurant In Le Claire Has My Attention
What goes great with barbecue? Well, I personally like a good craft beer with mine. But a new joint in Le Claire has taken it to a whole new level.
According to QCTimes.com, the all new D’s Smokin BBQ and Taphouse has everyone in Le Claire talking...
Illinois Is One Of The Drunkest States In The U.S.
We have all done it. The bars close at 2am in Iowa and we hop into to car and go to Illinois for the last hour because they are open until 3am.
According to KWQC, seven of the top 25 binge-drinking cities in the US are in Illinois (shocker)...
Wes Rants: Christmas Is Over
We are a month past Christmas. Local stores have (for the most part) packed up all their left over Christmas decorations and the extra stock is now on clearance. But, there are still a few homes (even a business that I saw) that are still celebrating.
Cuddling River Otters Will Give You Feels
There was a lot of bad news in the Quad Cities over the weekend. Couple shootings, a fire or two, Sam's Club closing. We could use some good news.
According to KWQC, local photographer Jay Wolf snapped some photos of river otters playing and cuddling on the ice in Whiteside Co...
Quad Cities, Want A Hurt’s Donut?
OHHHHH QUAD CITIES! Are you ready for this?
According to OurQuadCities.com, the Quad Cities will soon be getting a Hurt's Donuts.
No location has been announced as of yet but a post on Twitter says Kansas City, Oklahoma City, Colorado Springs, Memphis, Nashville, Quad Cities, Omaha and …

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