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Up Your Dating Game In The New Year
Have you come into 2018 on the single side? I have discovered four ways to up your dating game so you don't spend the next 365 days eating TV dinners and having conversations with your cat.
According to Mashable:
1.  Add more details and pictures...
Moline PD Want To Warn You About Icy Roads
I've heard it all now. What is the best way for local authorities to get the message out to drivers that it's icy out? A rap song of course.
According to KWQC, Moline police have created a parody of the hit from Vanilla Ice, "Ice, Ice Baby"...
Is Your New Year Resolution To Lose Weight?
How did the holidays treat your waist line? Yeah mine too. But never fear friends, Ultra 90 is here for the rescue.
You've probably heard me talking about Ultra 90 for almost a year now. Seriously, if you need to, or want to drop a few pounds this is the product for you...
What Would You Buy For $550 Million Dollars?
So no one won the Powerball last night. that means the jackpot will rise to at least $550 million dollars. That's a lot of cash. I should pry run out and buy a ticket. my odds are 1 in 292,201,338.00 that I will win. Ill take those odds...
One Quad City Resident Gets Car Buried Under Snow And Ice
I'm over winter already. In the summer when I complain that it's too hot, you have my permission to smack me.
I really do like snow, but the mess though. After a few days and all the plows and cars on the street...and animals! Don't eat the yellow snow friends...
20 Things Turning 20 In 2018
Well hello friends. How was your holiday? Good, great! Mine was fantastic! Thanks for asking.
It's a new year. That means there are a whole list of things that turn a year older and I bet you didn't even know they were as old as they are...

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