Andi comes to the Quad Cities from the Chicago Suburbs. She’s a White Sox fan, enjoys pop culture and likes to write in her spare time. Andi’s on the air every afternoon from 2PM-7PM.

Just Joni

Joni is pretty much the "mama" of the bunch and is dedicated to natural health. In fact, you can usually smell her coming before she even makes it to the studio because of the essential oils she wears. She loves her kiddos, organ…

Brooke and Jubal

Brooke and Jubal are witty award winning radio hosts bringing fun to your radio each morning! Don’t miss their phone taps, second date update and more on B100.

Lisa Paige

Lisa Paige hosts PopCrush Nights each weeknight. Her personality and ability to easily connect with anyone have allowed Lisa to work at some of the biggest radio stations in the country. She has interviewed some of the indus…