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This Holiday Display Is Out Of This World
What does astronomy and Christmas have in common? You'll find out if you go to this local high school's extraterrestrial holiday display.
The planetarium at Bettendorf High School is hosting a free one-hour program called the "Christmas Star" - showing the skies over …
Could The Quad Cities See A White Christmas?
I'mmmmm dreaming...of a White Christmas!
Seriously thought. When was the last time we had a white Christmas? I remember a few where there was snow on the ground, but not snow falling.
According to WQAD, the odds are in our favor that a white Christmas will actually be possible...
What Are The Worst Gifts You Have Gotten From A Co-Worker?
Here it is. The final countdown! The final week! Christmas is a week away. Have you finished your shopping yet? Maybe you're getting ready to go on vacation for the holiday. Might I suggest NOT going through Atlanta.
There will be a lot of office Christmas parties this week...
How to Not Get Sick as a Dog in the QCA This Flu Season
Genesis Health dropped by Local 4 News and to chat about this year's flu season which right now is categorized as sporadic in the Midwest, but absentee reports suggest may be a little worse. (It could also just be a little too much holiday cheer!) Here's some tips to keep…
Your Kids Will Love This New Year’s Celebration
Adults usually celebrate New Year’s Eve fun at night, so the Bettendorf Family Museum offers kids a chance to celebrate the arrival of 2018 during the day with Noon Year’s Eve, a countdown to 12 noon.
This event will be on Sunday, Dec...

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