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Use Caution When Using Dating Apps
My wife Kathy and I met online in the late 90s. Specifically, using Love@AOL. For years there was a little bit of a stigma about meeting online. We'd get surprised looks and comments from friends. As the world's gone digital that stigma and surprise has largely disappeared. The safety conc…
How to Get A Reply Letter From Santa
As child, there was no amount of homework that warranted my attention and study near as much as writing my annual letter to Santa.
The department store catalogues had to be vetted with care, and a list strategically thought out. To my mind, it was important not to make the list too long as to no…
Wes Rant: Hot Toy Follow Up
Here we go! Yesterday I posted a rant about not being able to find the hot toys this holiday because greedy "humans" go and buy them up and then re-sell them on places like eBay and Craigslist for double the price. Check it out here
I shared the post on my Facebook page and got a hu…

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