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Could The Quad Cities See A White Christmas?
I'mmmmm dreaming...of a White Christmas!
Seriously thought. When was the last time we had a white Christmas? I remember a few where there was snow on the ground, but not snow falling.
According to WQAD, the odds are in our favor that a white Christmas will actually be possible...
What Are The Worst Gifts You Have Gotten From A Co-Worker?
Here it is. The final countdown! The final week! Christmas is a week away. Have you finished your shopping yet? Maybe you're getting ready to go on vacation for the holiday. Might I suggest NOT going through Atlanta.
There will be a lot of office Christmas parties this week...
Quad City Area Cheerleaders Spreading Holiday Cheer
Shout out to the Ridgewood Spartan cheerleaders.
Cheerleader Sierra Brown has a organization called "A Hand To Hold."  Her and the other members of the squad raised money to make and create tie blankets for kids in need. The blankets were delivered to the kids at OSF Children&a…
It’s National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day
Today is the day you have waited all season for. No, it's not National Fruitcake day. It's better. Today is National Ugly Christmas Sweater Day.
Have the holidays let you down? Do you feel like the magic and mystique of Christmas has faded with maturity and age...
Catching Up With Star Wars
I can't wait for tonight. The 8th installment of the Star Wars saga hits theaters tonight "The Last Jedi."
You bet I bought my tickets right away. I haven't been thins excited since...well the last one came out. Speaking of, I was totally going to watch &…
Today Is National Ice Cream Day?
Today is apparently National Ice Cream Day, even though it's December and there already WAS a National Ice Cream Day back in July. I have a feeling I know where I'll be tonight.
Do the people that make up fake holidays not communicate with each other...
What Is The Quad Cities Favorite Christmas Movie?
So I did a un-scientific survey on my Facebook page and asked "what is your favorite Christmas movie?" Sometimes I shouldn't ask these kind of questions. Home Alone and Die Hard both made the list but didn't make the top.
The top 3 were:
Iowa Quad Cities Prepare For NYE Fireworks
Did you know its cool to set off fireworks on New Years Eve?

According to WQAD, fireworks are allowed to be sold by retailers December 10th to January 3rd. In Scott County, they can only be set off from 10pm on the 31st until 12:30am on New Years Day. Anyone caught shooting fireworks outside of the…