Franklin Elementary Students Find New Home
Last week we told you about a fire that caused significant damage to Franklin Elementary School in Moline.
Since then, students had been off while the school board searched for a temporary location for classes to be held while repairs were made...
Moline’s Franklin Elementary School Closed Due to Fire
Students at Moline's Benjamin Franklin Elementary School will be getting and extra day off, and maybe more after a fire on the weekend at their school.
Local reports say firefighters responded to all a call at about 10:30 Sunday morning and arrived to find a classroom engulfed in smoke and flame…
A Boutique on Wheels Helps Quad City Kids in Need
A refurbished bus is now a mobile boutique helping local kids in need. The former school bus, outfitted with clothes and accessories, is called Maddie's Closet and is up and running thanks in part to a $15,000 grant from Royal Neighbors of America.
Iowa School Infested With Bats
To borrow a quote from Christopher Nolan's movie The Dark Knight, for kids dreading a return to school next week, it was the discovery 'they deserved.'
According to a report in the Sioux City Journal, a worker installing a new phone system at a high school in George, Iow…
A School District Is Banning…Cupcakes?
If there's one thing schools are great at, it's coming up with new and exciting ways to make school less enjoyable for students. Case in point, a New Jersey school district has decided to ban cupcakes, birthday cake and other sweets from student celebrations.

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