Get Fido Ready for Winter in the Quad Cities
My wife Kathy and I own a greyhound named JJ. The past few days my wife has been sharing stories about how he really isn't liking the cold weather in Texas. I texted my wife back, "wait till he gets a taste of winter in the Quad Cities." We chuckled at that, but greyhounds don…
The Worst QC Jobs To Have In Winter
The Quad Cities just experienced one of its biggest snowstorms of the winter. While most of us can simply avoid the winter weather by staying indoors, others have to brave the elements. Here are some of the toughest jobs to have during the brutal QC winter.
Winter Driving Tips!
Local weather experts have predicted the QC's first snowfall on Friday (which is still pretty late in the year for it to happen, but...yuck). Winter weather usually leads to lots of auto accidents due to the poor road conditions. Here are some driving tips to help you stay safe on the road…

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