The selfie generation has to have it's boundaries and they are found in the voting booth.

With early elections going on in the Quad Cities, the temptation to show your patriotism is definitely there. Even Justin Timberlake isn't immune to the excitement of a selfie in the voter's booth. In a well-meaning attempt to #rockthevote, Timberlake illegally took a selfie and recorded audio inside the voter's booth in Memphis, Tennessee. TMZ actually called out his post on Instagram, citing the law about it.

In the Quad Cities, the same rule applies. According to,

"Absolutely not. It is against the law in Illinois according to our statute. It is a class 4 felony in Illinois to take a photo of your ballot or of yourself voting," said Karen Kinney, Rock Island County Clerk."

What I find impressive, is that Karen Kinney spent her own money to make a 'selfie station' at the Rock Island County Clerk's office, to encourage selfies after citizen's vote.

Don't feel left out if you're in Scott County, Iowa. They have a selfie area, too.

Voting just isn't voting without selfies, I guess. Maybe the stickers have finally become outdated? Either way, make sure you vote first, and selfie second.