Everyday I drive in on Highway 61 through downtown Davenport and I pass the old, abandoned, Rhythm City dock. It is supposed to be removed as of today, but it looks like that's not happening.

There is supposed to be a new dock built for Viking  River Cruises, a European-based company out of Switzerland, but it seems that plan has run into a snag due to a law from 1920.

WQAD reports, The Jones Act requires any boat owned by an American company, vessels be built in the U.S and crewed by U.S citizens. Viking is working to comply with this law.

As of right now, there's no Mississippi River cruise. There isn't even a boat as of now. The cruise would start in New Orleans and dock in Davenport 19 times a year.

Until this law is overturned or rewritten, we get to stare at the eyesore in the river front and remember what once was.

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