I watch "Jeopardy!" almost everyday in the studio here at B100. It's always playing and the host has always been such a loving and fun to watch guy.

The legendary host is Alex Trebek. He’s already rehearsed what he plans to say to the audience on his final show. Trebek, whose hosted since 1984 announced last March that he’s been diagnosed with stage 4 pancreatic cancer.

No word on when his last episode will be taped, but Trebek said he’ll ask the director to leave him 30 seconds for his final thoughts, it's sure to be heartfelt.

Speaking of heartfelt, host Alex Trebek got choked up when he read the final response from a Brown University student who wanted to show his support to Trebek as he battles pancreatic cancer.

The emotional moment came in a November of 2019 episode when Trebek read Dhruv Gaur’s final answer.

Instead of writing a correct response, Gaur wrote “We love you, Alex!” He substituted a heart in place of the word love. And gave a slight smile with it.

Trebek’s voice cracked a bit as he thanked Gaur, telling him, “That’s very kind.” It was a great sign to see and fans of the show got it trending on twitter. Everyone seemed to really love and support it.

The show will continue to run, but no one besides Trebek knows when his last day is.

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