If you're a fan of the Brooke and Jubal Morning Show weekdays from 5am to 9am, maybe you caught this survey during Laser Stories.

The survey says we Americans love burritos almost as much as pizza. These are the five results:

5. Almost 3 out of 4 people under 40 eat at least 1 burrito a week.

4. 43% of us would eat at least 2 burritos a day under 2 conditions. 1. Calories weren't a issues, and 2. Our significant other wouldn't judge us.

3. 53% of people in their 20's would choose a great burrito over going on a great date.

2. More than half of people say a burrito has saved them from a terrible hangover.

And #1...75% of men said they would like  to combine a burrito with a pepperoni pizza. 77% of women would combine a burrito with orange chicken.

Taco Bell, are you paying attention? I love burritos as much as the next guy, but orange chicken in a burrito? I make breakfast burritos every Sunday. There's a mental image for you. Me, in my basketball shorts, slippers, and a old ratty t-shirt in my apron making breakfast on a Sunday morning. Let that sink in.


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