If you’ve grown up in the city – or within half an hour of Chicago, like me – and hear the word ‘rodeo’, you may not think it’s for you. The Rodeo is all bucking broncos, mud and cowboy boots, right? Turns out, I was pretty wrong!

In Wapello, Iowa, there is a group of high school students that puts on an annual Pro Rodeo event with something for everyone.

High school students comprised of the Wapello FFA Chapter plan, manage and make all arrangements to host the annual Pro Rodeo. Seriously, these kids are doing way more in high school than I ever did.

This is a fundraiser for Wapello FFA providing scholarships, student development, state and national convention registrations. They work hard to bring family friendly entertainment to Louisa County and provide a community equestrian arena. Unlike any other Pro Rodeo, money spent on this event goes right back to the kids.

In fact, these high school students are so passionate about what they do, they include an annual event that encourages little could-be cowboys and girls to try out the sport for themselves.

In rodeo terms, it's called "mutton bustin'." In other words: "sheep riding." Now, obviously I wasn't going to get on a bull at my first rodeo. But a sheep? That's more doable, so I had to try it.

I probably won't go pro, but it's definitely an experience I'm glad I had. Kids will love it and parents will love watching it! (I promise, worry quickly turns into laughter when watching your kid ride a sheep).

Beyond the arena events, there’s one thing that we can all agree makes a Midwest summer complete: fair food. From corndogs and funnel cakes to the FFA Moms’ famous porkchop sandwiches, everyone in the family is sure to find their favorite.

Whether it's family night or date night, Andi’s review is in: There’s more to the Wapello Pro Rodeo than bucking bulls and you need to be there!