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After hooking up the Quad Cities with Social Distance Dollars, Connor and JT want to give out even more prizes! Instead of doing one prize a day, they want to give away one prize every hour, for 100 hours in a row!

It's B100 Hours of Nonstop Giveways with Connor and JT, powered by Video Games Etc.!

Connor and JT want to hook you up with prizes on prizes on prizes!

Starting On Monday, May 18th at 9 a.m., Connor and JT kick off 100 hours of nonstop giveaways, powered by Video Games Etc.

For 100 hours straight, Connor and JT will be inside the Disc Replay and Electronic Studio playing the hottest music and handing out prizes every single hour. That's right, they aren't leaving the studio at all!

Well, except to go to the bathroom and get a cup of coffee. Yeah, they'll be sleeping in the studio too...

During their 100 hours of being in the studio, they will be handing out one prize every hour from our sponsors listed below. All you need to do, is listen every hour for the cue to be caller 10 to win the hourly prize. If you are a winner during the 100 hours of giveaways, you're also qualified to win a prize from every single sponsor!

That's over $700 in gift cards to local Quad City businesses!

Connor and JT will wrap up their 100 hours of nonstop giveaways on Friday, May 22nd at 1 p.m. At that time, they will draw 1 person to win a gift card from all of the sponsors!

Come hang out with Connor and JT for 100 hours of nonstop giveaways on the Quad Cities #1 Hit Music Station, B100!

Thank you to all of our local area sponsors! Check out and shop at these QC businesses!