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Marcelo Poleze

Snow is in the forecast. Here's a list of what to snuggle in and watch.

Whenever I see there will be snow, a part of me wants to eat only warm soups, wear fuzzy socks and pjs, grab a big snuggly blanket and settle in. It's all part of my personal philosophy of how to survive winter this year. Sometimes I'll read a good book and other times, I'll want to binge watch shows I haven't seen yet. Better yet, I think about binge watching my favorites I've seen a hundred times.

I took to my unofficial polling place (Facebook) to see who watches what. So far, here are the best binge shows you can get on Netflix, Hulu, etc...

1. Shameless

With 7 seasons in, you should have plenty to watch. I don't even think the snow is going to last that long. Either way, it's bound to get you hooked so you'll have to finish it. Family dysfunction at it's finest, but I hear it's oh. so. good.


2. The Crown

English accents, royalty, and all inspired by true events of Queen Elizabeth.

3. Stranger Things

A take from 80s classics, Stranger Things (starring Winona Ryder) will keep you on the edge of your seat as the mystery of a vanishing little boy, takes the show's characters down rabbit holes they didn't know existed as they seek to find him.

4. Game of Thrones

Enough said. I have yet to watch this myself (I know, I know) but I have heard so much about it. Noble families in a Braveheart-type setting, cut-throat fights and all the action in every direction you could want, all vie for the Iron Throne. 7 seasons already and everyone wants more.

5. Once Upon a Time

This is one of my favorites. It's something I have been able to watch with my kids. It's their favorite characters from Disney and fairy tales, all in the real life form, well, sort of. The story line is captivating and there have been many hot chocolates we've sipped while watching together.

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