I've heard of a blue moon but black? What does that mean?Well, that depends on who you ask.  Before we can fully understand what it means, let's look at what it is.

Space.com says,

'Friday's sky (Sept. 30) is host to a somewhat unusual lunar event in the Western Hemisphere: a second new moon in a single month, which some people call a 'Black Moon.'

'While a full moon refers to the moment when the moon's Earth-facing side is fully illuminated by sunlight, a new moon refers to the moment when the moon's Earth-facing side is fully in shadow. (Unfortunately, that means the Black Moon will be more or less invisible, even if the moon is high in the sky).'

One website says that this black moon will bring out the worst in people and another site says it's going to bring powerful positivity.  I tend to want to lean towards the positive aspects, rather than the negative, but let's see what they say.

The popular website DavidWolfe.com says:


'Researchers have long known that the full moon has an impact on human psychology. A black full moon teeters this impact into ‘negative’ territory. In other words, prepare to witness the darker side of yourself and those around you.

Feelings such as hatred and envy will be quite prominent on Friday the 30th.'

To give credit, the website does mention how this attribute can be positive because we can more easily identify things about ourselves and others that could use some tweaking.

A more positive approach to this black moon comes from ForeverConscious.com:

To have two New Moon’s in one month signifies a very powerful blossoming process and one that has probably been in the works for some time.

'September’s Black Moon is filled with positive aspects and plenty of opportunities. In fact, the entire week leading up to the Black Moon and the days that follow it, are going to be extremely positive and peaceful.'

No matter what side of the fence you lean, I know I'm absolutely interested in trying to see this black moon, whatever it means.