What do you think drivers who hit or kill cyclists are charged in Iowa?Cycling in Iowa has seen an increased interest. RAGBRAI has increased awareness and so have local cycling groups. Several of my friends have taken up the sport and it's growing in my circles.

Safety is one thing we all need to think about more when cyclists are around. A friend of mine has been bounced off of a car who didn't see him before and thankfully, was ok. From what I'm reading from the Des Moines Register, is  when cyclists are not ok and drivers are negligent, in the State of Iowa they are getting minimal fines.

An Iowa driver only got a $750 fine after paralyzing Jared Fenstermacher, a cyclist from Pennsylvania, cycling to raise money for a cancer foundation in his grandfather's memory.

As it turns out, many drivers in Iowa have gotten lesser fines ($250 - $0 )and cyclists left with permanent injuries or death. For Jared and his family, they have been impacted forever and are facing hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, plus a spinal cord injury that has cost him the use of his legs.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think drivers should face harsher fines?