This happened to at least two friends of mine today. One went with it.Boy do I love a good sense of humor. I love to laugh and was just telling someone last night, how I love a good laugh and hope to have as many as I can in this life.

Today, a couple of my friends on Facebook, realized they either needed to pinch themselves and publicly post that they are alive and well, because Facebook had declared them dead.

According to, they weren't the only ones.

An apparent glitch on the social network Friday afternoon appeared to turn regular Facebook pages into memorials.

Even Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was killed off in the great Facebook Massacre of 2016.


Being who she is and having a great sense of humor, Ginger decided to start a page for her funeral expenses.

She writes:

I regret to inform you that I have died.  Today, after a short, unexpected battle with a malignant algorithm, Facebook has declared me dead.  

I thought I felt fine, but clearly The Social Network knows something I don't.

In order pay off my debts and funeral expenses, to take the burden of my husband and children in this time of grief, I have started this Go Fund Me page.

Please give generously.

She provided much-needed laughs for many of us today.(Especially, post-election.)

Facebook did not succeed in killing my friends today. They only succeeded in me thinking someone was after them and it was some type of weird 'attend your own funeral,' Charles Dickens type-of-experiment, in which, something would happen to them after the announcement. Whew. I am sure glad I decided to take off that 'tin-foil hat' and put away the action, suspense-thriller movies today and realize computer glitches really do 'just happen.' Even to Facebook.

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