Mississippi River water levels are rising fast, and forecasts indicate that flooding will take place by midweek. According to the National Weather Service, flood warnings have been issued all over the area, including for Scott, Muscatine, Clinton, and Rock Island counties. Three to five inches of rain have fallen over the last few days in the Dubuque and Cedar Rapids area, meaning we will see flooding in the coming week.

As of 11:30 AM today, the river in the  Le Claire area has reached 8.4 feet. Flood level is 11 feet. Rock Island was at 12.1 feet, flooding occurs at 15 feet in that area. Flooding is expected to take place there by Tuesday morning.  Water is already at the base of the flood wall gates at the downtown Rock Island riverfront.

The Mississippi in Davenport is expected to crest at 17 feet on Wednesday, so the city's flood plan has been put into place.

The flooding could pose issues for events taking place this weekend. As always, be safe when driving in potentially flooded areas and never risk driving through water.

Rock Island:

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