There isn't any kind of pick up better than free.

The beautiful leaves on my bright yellow tree every year are almost gone. Now, they are in my yard and they are taking over. They are in the driveway, stuck to my new boots and even making their way into the house. I love how pretty they are on the trees but not when they crunch up into a million dried little pieces all over my entryway.

If you haven't already, it's time to bust out the rakes and bag up the leaves. Thankfully, the City of Davenport is having free leaf pickup now through November 26, 2016.

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From now until November 26, 2016, the City of Davenport is offering free, no sticker yard waste pick up. All you have to do is bag your leaves and leave them out on garbage night. Outside of free pick up weeks, a yard waste sticker will cost you $1.60 a piece. You can read more about this on the City of Davenport website.

Whatever you do, remember not to push leaves into the storm drains on the sides of streets. This is a violation of the Clean Water Act and will cause issues with flooding and your drinking water.