Hello campers! Happy Friday the 13th. I wonder why Hallmark hasn't jumped on making a line of cards and gifts for this day? Just incase you forgot, stay away from black cats, broken mirrors, ladders, and guys in hockey masks today. I personally have never had anything weird or bad happen to me on a Friday the 13th...YET!

80% of people consider themselves to be superstitious. The most common superstition we have is wearing lucky socks . . . followed by knocking on wood . . . wearing lucky pants . . . having a lucky coin . . . and crossing our fingers. The top five moments when we're MOST superstitious are: when we're taking a test . . . when we're buying a lotto ticket or gambling . . . during an important life moment like buying a house or getting married . . . when we're looking for a new job . . . and when it's Friday the 13th or Halloween. And about 5% of people say they plan on STAYING HOME all day today to reduce their chances of having bad luck.

I thought of a few of the "Unluckiest Places in The Quad Cities." Here we go:

1. The iWireless Center. Tonight, the Indy Fire are not gonna pull off a win against the Mallards. Sorry for their luck.

2. Highway 61. It's been crawling with cops lately. Slow down (I should take my own advice).

3. My apartment. I haven't done dishes all week and laundry is piled up. Mind you I live alone so its not that bad, but no luck in my crib tonight.

Rub your lucky rabbits foot or kiss your 4 leaf clover and good luck today.


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