'The best part of waking up....' Sing it, but coffee didn't go in my cup this morning.

Coffee enemas. I've heard of them for years in the natural health realm. In fact, I learned that they were first discovered during the first World War by the nurses attending badly wounded soldiers. They ran out of strong pain med and the nurses gave the wounded soldiers coffee enemas to provide some relief. Now then, I'm not a wounded soldier but I have been on a juice clease for 6 days and wanted to give this a whirl.

Butt (pun intended) why?

If you know me by now, I share all the 'crunchy,' alternative experiences with you here on my blog. (You can search back and look at all the others and look forward to more.) I can't count or begin to explain all the benefits in nerdy detail. However, I've had friends who have used these for years and swear by them to relieve their headaches, menstrual cramps, digestion issues, weight loss and skin issues.

I noticed my headache and lactic acid build up went away in muscles after I did it. I'm going to incorporate this when I do cleanses or detoxes. It's not as 'weird' as you may think.

I'll end with this disclaimer: I am not a doctor or physician and nothing in this blog is intened to diagnose or treat any ailment or illness. I've done this strictly on my own accord based on my own research and will to try.

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