This isn't the first time this scam hit Facebook.

Taking advantage of the good will of others, well, there isn't anything lower. Really.

Well-meaning people who wish to connect (after all, isn't that part of why humans are here on earth?) with others during the holidays, sounds like a great idea, especially with the world at our fingertips. How cool would it be to get a gift from Ireland and send one to another person in Germany, from America?

Sadly, this Facebook scam hits people right where it hurts during the holidays, a particular time when some people can experience loneliness.

According to WQAD.com

"Police are warning people about the "secret sister gift exchange" currently making the rounds on social media, including Facebook.

The secret sister gift exchange promises that if you buy one $10 gift for someone and add your name to a list, you'll get between six and 36 gifts in the mail.

Authorities say it's too good to be true and illegal."

Don't set yourself up for identity theft. Instead, I suggest going through a local charity or organization like Big Brothers Big Sisters or give back to a local veteran. Pick something or someone, near and dear to your heart and keep it community-oriented, just to play it safe this Christmas.