This image went viral and now this Iowa officer may face disciplinary charges.

We all have a right to our opinion. No doubt, opinions have been flying around all over social media as a result of this seemingly, crazier-than-usual election. I have friends with opinions I didn't know they had. I have seen some unfriend other people for theirs.

Meanwhile, it's been said that opinions are like...well, you know, and everyone has one, including this Oelwein, Iowa officer.


"According to American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa legal expert Rita Bettis, “the U.S. Supreme Court has ruled that a police officer can be subject to discipline for political speech or behavior if it’s done in an official capacity. So here, the factors like whether the officer was on duty or in uniform may play an important part of the analysis.”

Since the officer is in plain clothing and out of uniform, he does have a right to express his opinion, according the First Amendment. There have been mixed feelings on both sides of this issue, including from those in his community, He is in good standing with his job performance. What do you think? Should this officer be reprimanded for expressing his opinion on social media out-of-uniform?