This Iowa protestor used this card and I'm a little envious.

It's something we've all wanted to do. Maybe not for real, but we certainly have joked about it.

The infamous, 'Get Out of Jail Free Card.' We've all secretly wanted to use one some day. (Or is it just me?) Not because there's this overwhelming urge to get arrested but because I think the look on the officer's face would be priceless. I would hope he/she would laugh and then decide whatever minor offense I'd be arrested for, they'd smile and perhaps, just maybe say, "Get outta here!"

Wouldn't that be great?

It didn't quite happen for the protestor who got arrested in Iowa for protesting the oil pipeline being built.  According to,

"After being taken into custody and charged with trespassing, the man was only released after paying a bond of USD$300 - seemingly into a Community Chest."

Get the pics of his evidence bag and the actual 'Get Out of Jail Free' card he used HERE.