Illinois is getting serious about hitting residents right where it hurts.

It seems every time I look at headlines, I'm finding a new thing Illinois wants to tax residents for. I understand the state is in trouble financially, but taxing the heck out of those who live there doesn't seem like the right answer.

Illinois has already proposed tax spikes on sugary drinks, which would hit locally owned restaurants, bars and coffeehouses super hard. And now Netflix and your internet streaming services, are being targeted.

But wait until you see the list of all the services they are looking to additionally tax.

According to,

Now I don't know what 'much more' all means, but Illinois can't take much more from people, or should it be worded, we can't be taken from much longer. How is this legally possible?

Well, it might not be. Chicago isn't taking this lightly.  They are already paying an 'amusement tax' and the city is looking take even more. According to the same article I referenced above,

It seems more and more residents are expected to make up for the lack of fiscal responsibility and end up being the ones who are paying (literally) for the debt and budget crisis they didn't create.

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