I am from Iowa and I make it known. I went to Hawaii about 10 years ago and sat next to some dudes on the plane from California. We had a good conversation and they informed me they had never been to my home state. All they knew was that "Field of Dreams" was set in Iowa.

They also said I had a funny accent. I was confused because I've never heard it.

I came across a article on onlyinyourstate.com and it made me think about the exchange between myself and these two guys.

There are words we as Iowans understand. I guarantee when you read them, you'll say "oh yeah, I know that one!"

1. Padiddle: It's an Iowan custom to punch the top of the car and yell "padiddle!" when you see a car with one headlight burnt out.

2. Cornhole: It's not what it sounds like, we promise. This is what we Iowan's call the fun lawn game you play at family reunions.

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