It has happened from time-to-time and I don't mind.

I love words. No getting around it. I love beautiful, long words. I love words with multiple syllables and I love poetry, beautiful expressions and foreign languages. I have been known to correct speech or grammar with close friends and family, but never strangers. I couldn't be that word-freaky.

When I hear someone say 'the point is mute' instead of 'the point is moot' or 'pacifically' instead of 'specifically,'  I wont' lie, I sometimes, can't deal.

I don't mind if I get called 'word-freaky' because I take it as a compliment. Think about it. There really are worse things I could be called. I think it's thoughtful and smart to know how to say things properly and I pay attention to how people speak, how they say things and pay attention to (not fixate) on the finer details.

I read today at, the most common phrases the majority of people get wrong. Some of them include:

And my personal favorite,

For all my fellow 'wordies' out there (Hey, there are 'foodies' aren't there?) join me in the 'word freak' cringe when you read this and then you can rejoice in knowing it's not you. LOL!

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