This popular DIY slime poses a few risks for children you need to know about.

I love letting my kids explore in the kitchen. They have always loved helping with canning from the garden we had when they were younger. As they got older, science experiments from baking soda and vinegar 'volcanoes' to making our own gummy bears and even making a tie-dye milk and dish soap rainbow-in-a-bowl.

Slime is the latest craze for kids who like DIY crafts and projects. Even my own 8 year old loves 'life hacks' and watches them regularly on YouTube and even takes notes.

If your kiddo is begging you to make their own slime, make sure you take precautions for them not to inhale Borax, one of the main ingredients, and understand that some chemicals can even burn their hands. A young girl in Massachusetts suffered third degree burns.



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