Yesterday there was a post that named the songs turning 20 in 2017. That had me wondering what movies were turning 20 in 2017. I said "WOW!" a lot. The year was 1997. It was the first time we had heard of a guy named Austin Powers, Will Smith was no longer the Fresh Prince and became one of the "Men in Black," and Leonardo DiCaprio was king of the world in "Titanic."

Here's a list of the 20 movies turning 20 in 2017:

1. Good Will Hunting staring Robin Williams

2. Austin Powers: International Man Of Mystery staring Mike Myers

3. Selena staring Jennifer Lopez

4. Liar Liar staring Jim Carrey

5. Star Wars: The Special Edition Trilogy staring Harrison Ford

6. Men In Black staring Will Smith

7. My Best Friends Wedding staring Julia Roberts

8. Private Parts staring Howard Stern

9. Tomorrow Never Dies staring Pierce Brosnan

10. Air Force One staring Harrison Ford

11. As Good As It Gets staring Jack Nicholson

12. The Full Monty staring Robert Carlyle

13. Grosse Point Blank staring John Cusack

14. Batman and Robin staring George Clooney

15. Chasing Amy staring Ben Affleck

16. Romy and Michele’s High School Reunion staring Lisa Kudrow

17. Good Burger staring Kenan Thompson

18. Speed 2: Cruise Control staring Sandra Bullock

19. I Know What You Did Last Summer staring Jennifer Love Hewitt

20. Titanic staring Leonardo DiCaprio


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