Movie poster/Columbia Pictures
Movie poster/Columbia Pictures

You know you're a child from the 90's when you hear "Men in Black" and the song goes through your head. 'Here come in the Men in Black' clap! clap!

While I wish it were this easy for the men in black in Muscatine County to be spotted, it has been  a bit of a mystery.

Several Muscatine residents have reported on social media and elsewhere, that men in black trench coats have been spotted on highways, stepping out when cars drive by. Some people are laughing it off as kids just playing pranks but police and drivers who have had scares, are taking this very seriously.

It seems to only be happening on rural highways, where they step out of the woods and on to the side of the road. What bothers me most about this ass-hattery, is that it can cause a serious accident, injury or death. If these are pranksters, I hope they get caught soon before someone, including them, get hurt.

That is where you come in. The Muscatine Police are asking you to call 9-1-1 immediately if you see this while driving.

While the actors from Men in Black are usually the ones doing the hunting, the men in black in Muscatine County are now, kinda like the ones being hunted. Good luck with that.

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