I got out of my comfort zone and loved it.

I'm 'adventurous' when it comes to making myself my own experiment. When it comes to the common cold, I'm the one who will try the home remedies and eat cloves of garlic...raw. I will drink the juices and concoctions, like you find at Fresh Blends, which are actually more delicious than they sound, and try just about any kind of food or therapy once. If it works for me, I become a fan and then tell everyone else, too.

I don't mind being the 'different' one.

When I first heard about Float Quad Cities, I wondered what 'sensory deprivation' would feel like. I mostly wondered if I, the chatty-Kathy and always-doing-something-person, could sit still long enough to float.  I knew it was going to be good with all the relaxing epsom salts.

When I first walked in, Molly was there with a smile and had me fill out the forms and gave me a tour of the facility, showing me exactly what to do and answering all of my questions.

I had already read what to expect on their website, so I came prepared with all I needed to make this a successful float.

After I showered and got into the tub, the soft, relaxing music helped that mind-chatter I was so worried about shutting off. I dozed off several times and tried to think about nothing. As I laid there, I thought, "So this is what not caring about anything for a moment, feels like?" And I liked that feeling.

I got more and more relaxed and that's the point. By the time it was over, I felt refreshed, like I had just had a mini-vacation from the usual daily cares and worries of life. It was so great, I plan on going back. I need those little vacays every once in awhile. I felt relaxed and better for several days after, so the effects are longer-lasting. I imagine, if I were to do this once or twice a month on a consistent basis, I would reap even more benefits.

I can't wait  until my next float


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