I am still on a swoon-fest over my date at Circa 21 last night.

Four iconic men, me and cheesecake. Perfect date. It was totally amazing in every way.

One of my best childhood friends staged an intervention on my super busy life and told me we were having a girl's night. Naturally, she had to tell me weeks in advance so I could plan it, but we got it worked out. The dinner prepared by Chef Tony was very good and the wait staff, eh hem, 'Bootleggers,' I mean, were fun to talk with and even more fun to watch perform.

So, where do the 4 iconic men come in, you ask? Jerry, Johnny, Carl and Elvis all made my musical heart skip a few beats in Million Dollar Quartet. Not many people know these dynamic men got together one cold night in December 1956 and had a jam session we'd still be talking about 60 years later.

I love learning the history and roots of the music we love today. As a teen, my room was decorated like a 1950's throwback, with a full, checkered black-and-white floor, complete with huge posters of Elvis Presley, James Dean, Marilyn Monroe and a few others from that era.  You better believe I knew every song and sang along.

Million Dollar Quartet will be at Circa 21 until November 5th. It's a true taste of musical genius, highly entertaining, the time passed by so quickly and you left with wanting more.