Excuse me, Officer, is that a beard you're wearing?

This is going to take some getting used to for me in the QC. I am so used to officers being clean-shaven, that it may take me off-guard, a little. (Not that I have any plans or intentions on having run-ins with officers any time soon.)

Who made that rule up, anyway? It's well known, that U.S. Military or police officers are expected to shave. It's a standard and often, non-negotiable. Of course, there are exceptions and No-Shave November or 'Movember,' as some refer to it, is one of them for Moline police officers. They are raising money for a local charity and are allowed to participate.

According to WQAD.com,

For a $25 donation, the officer will receive a blue T-shirt with the department’s No Shave logo, and permission to “retire his razor for the month.”  All donations raised will be donated to Tudi’s Tribe, a local pediatric cancer charity.