If you're not familiar with the Villisca Axe Murders, you're about to be horrified. The murders took place in 1912 at the residence of the Moore family, in Villisca, Iowa. All six members of the family were killed, including father Josiah, mother Sarah, and their four children, 11 year old Herman, 10 year old Mary Katherine, 7 year old Arthur Boyd, and 5 year old Paul Vernon. Two family friends of the Moore's children were also killed- Ina Mae, 8, and Gertrude, 12.

Police concluded that the family members were each bludgeoned to death by an unknown assailant with an ax as they slept in their beds. Although there were many suspects in the case, no one was ever officially found guilty. The murders therefore remain unsolved, and the spirits of the victims seem to have never found rest.

Over the years, much evidence of a haunting has been collected from the house, including sounds of children's voices and laughter, moving and falling objects, a mysterious fog, and other video and photographic proof. Psychics that have visited the home have even claimed to have connected with the spirits directly.

The home was purchased and renovated by Darwin and Martha Linn in the 90's, and today, it's open to the public for both daytime and overnight tours and paranormal investigations. If you're interested in checking out the house, it's around a four hour drive from the QCA.

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Here are some pictures from inside the house: