Your donations, with the help of local movers, can help Quad Cities women get out of abuse.

You can make a big difference in the lives of women in the Quad Cities, simply by donating your clothes, shoes, household items, furniture and more, at WQAD this afternoon and evening.

Women in abuse are more likely to stay in dangerous situations when they don't have support. For some, it can be life-threatening if they don't leave. Often times, they have to flee, go to a shelter and start learning to repair their lives and start over with nothing but the clothes on their backs. If they are able to flee, they must do-so quickly and get as much out as possible.

Two Men and a Truck in the Quad Cities are helping moms in these situations. Not only will they help move women in domestic violence quickly, they will also pick up your donations, which benefit Winnie's Place, to help rebuild their lives. Today, donations can be dropped off at WQAD, 3003 Park 16th Street, Moline, IL.

I got to meet Elisabeth Acosta from Two Men and a Truck in the QC. She is delightful, informative and passionate about the outreach and community work her company does.

Just in time for Mother's Day, giving hope is the best gift.

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