There isn't a local music scene that doesn't know Ellis Kell. He's in the fight of his life and we must help.When I moved back to the Quad Cities, one name kept popping up in nearly every music scene. Ellis Kell.

Whether referencing him as a local 'legend,' hearing and seeing him at River Roots Live or the music teachers at my daughter's school mentioning how grateful they are for the help he gives during performances, one thing is for sure, Ellis is one of the most well-known and loved musicians in the QC.

I saw a post on Facebook for a GoFundMe campaign and felt a sting in my heart. Ellis Kell was diagnosed in Octoboer with stage 4 cancer in his esophagus and it has spread to other organs. He's in the fight of his life and his daughter wants him to know how much we, the Quad Cities community, cares and love him.

I'm writing this blog today, with gratitude and love, for all he has given our community and for what he has contributed in my life and the life of my children through his contributions musically. I am hoping to help him and the family the best way I know how: by being a big mouth. It's the one way in life it has served me well and hopefully, has helped others.

Please keep Ellis in your thoughts and prayers. Donate HERE to help show love and support for Ellis Kell and his family. Let him know he isn't alone. Show him how much you care and let's help him get through this together.