Chipotle's food is of course delicious, but after eating all of that beany, meaty goodness, it might be nice to have something sweet to polish off your meal. Those who crave a sweet treat post burrito-binge may be in luck- according to Bustle, the company is planning on rolling out a dessert option soon.

The chain won't be offering ice cream or cupcakes (unfortunately), but rather something a little more in line with their overall theme-buñuelos. For those who are not familiar with the traditional Mexican dessert, buñuelos are fried tortillas topped with cinnamon, sugar, and honey. So basically, a more upscale version of everybody's favorite Taco Bell dessert, cinnamon twists. The buñuelos will come with an apple caramel dipping sauce on the side.

I searched Instagram for pictures of buñuelos to get an idea of what we can expect when they show up at Chipotle. I'm not sure what form the Chipotle buñuelos will be in, but these all look delicious.

According to a Chipotle spokesperson, the buñuelos will start popping up on Chipotle menus this May. Let's hope Quad Cities' Chipotle locations will begin selling buñuelos ASAP.

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