We think of our soldiers, but what about those who help them overseas?

Quad City area veteran, John Taylor, is someone I had the privilege of getting to know through a mutual business acquaintance. I knew John from a music-industry connection and had no clue about the story of his life or what he has been up to behind-the-scenes. It's fascinating and I'm happy to see he is helping a friend. The story is amazing and perhaps, you can help too.

John was a soldier for the National Guard in Iraq in 2004-2005. While he was there, he relied on an interpreter there,  who helped save his life. U.S. troops have to rely on locals from Iraq (or any country troops are in) to help with language barriers and even body language which helps assess safety and general understanding of what is going on.

According to the WQAD.com story,

Taylor's quest started 11 months ago, when he received a phone call with news that "Jaguar" was still alive. Jaguar is the nickname for one of the interpreters whom Taylor first got to know while patrolling the area west of Baghdad, Iraq.

"The life that he is living isn't much of a life at all," said Taylor.  "He's in hiding, he can't work. He really can't leave the area he's staying at."

John continues to help get his friend to the United States and believes that if they've helped the United States, then we should help them too. Taylor is going through a lengthy application process via Humanitarian Parole currently, and has spent his own money to do it.

The process of getting Jaguar to safety has been a long one but there's hope. Watch John's interview with WQAD: