B100's Andrew Ball captured three days of LeClaire Park's rising flood waters.

On Thursday, Sep. 29, flood waters had just jumped the banks of the Mississippi and were covering portions of the sidewalk along the river, more so in lower portions of the park near Modern Woodman Park.

On Friday, Sep. 30, flood waters had completely covered the sidewalk, reaching the grass line of the park nearest the river. Water had covered the boat launch and lower portions of the drive to the old Rhythm City Casino riverboat.

On Monday, Oct. 3, the water had reached the first quarter to first half of the park nearest the river. There was more water near the band shell and on the opposite end of the park near the old casino. Water on portions of Beiderbecke Drive prompted officials to close the lower parking near the river and old casino.

The Mississippi at Lock and Dam 15 crested Monday at 16.59 feet. Originally the river at Rock Island was supposed to crest at just under 17 feet at 16.9 Saturday evening. It was then pushed back to Sunday at 16.5, before officially cresting in moderate flood stage Monday.