There's always that stressful moment at the carwash when you realize you didn't flip your mirrors in, and you wonder if they'll still be there every time the spinning things go by. Usually ends up fine, but have you ever accidentally opened the trunk while in the carwash?

Video posted to Twitter shared a simple message with it; 'Always wash your own car.'

The video shows a black SUV getting washed by an automatic carwash when the backdoor opened. It happened just as the spinning arm passed below the trunk.

Of course, this means when the arm comes up, there's only one thing for the hatch to do, and that's be pushed up by the arm.

It's not clear if the driver accidentally hit the open button, but some users say their vehicle's back hatch opens when a sensor is crossed. The sensor is to intend an easier way to open the hatch while carrying a load, like groceries. Well, that or maybe he thought he could get the interior package all in one go.

Either way, this guy has some answering to do to his wife and the insurance.

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