LOCAL: Big Bacon Bonanza!
Bacon lovers rejoice! Another event is here to satisfy your craving! The 2016 Big Bacon Bonanza is coming to the River Center in Davenport next month.
#BaconBlog: Baby’s First Bacon
You might be surprised when I tell you this, but I never used to like bacon. It was only until about five or six years ago that I began eating it, and about two years ago I tried experimenting with different bacon recipes. I was definitely a late bloomer, unlike this kid, who has discovered the awes…
A Bacon Dating App?
Forget about silly things like looks, money, or personality. A new dating app matches you based on what's REALLY you like your bacon!
#BaconBlog: The Best Way Ever To Reheat French Fries!
I love French fries, and usually don't have to worry about them getting cold (they're normally all gone by then, and microwaved fries are THE WORST). But, if you DO happen to have leftover fries, this is a quick and easy way to add some flavor and make them crispy again!

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