Here's How To Get The Holiday Spirit In The Quad Cities
It isn't Thanksgiving yet, but there are plenty of ways to find the holiday spirit in the Quad Cities.
Festival of Trees kicks off tomorrow in downtown Davenport at the RiverCenter.  The 11 day event features 100 designer trees and serves as the annual fundraiser for Quad-City Arts...
Should Quad Cities Parades Ban Candy?
I've driven the KIIK truck in three parades this year and on at least one occasion it was a scary endeavor. While it was great to see so many our our listeners, the number of folks jumping out in front of our vehicles and others to pick up candy off the street made for a white-knuckle ride...
Drunk History: St. Patrick’s Day
...According to someone that's been drinking.
On Saturday after I was done handing out B100 t-shirts and koozies, it was off to the bars - but that's not where my job stopped.
Oh no no no... I thought it'd be funny to interview some people who had clearly been drinking about why we now …
[PHOTOS] St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Davenport
You weren't kidding - The Quad Cities goes hard for St. Patrick's Day weekend and I was not properly prepared. My body is still feeling Saturday's aftermath.
But, boy was it fun! Both Slater and I experienced our very first St. Patrick's Society parade in the QC...

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