Super Bowl

Uber Drivers Are Threatening To Boycott The Super Bowl
I took up Uber driving last week as a way to make a little extra money. The pay isn't outstanding but I enjoy driving around the QC and interacting with people, so it's fine with me.
But many Uber drivers in larger cities are growing frustrated with the lack of income. The Super Bowl takes place in t…
Super Bowl Drinking Game
The Super Bowl is arguably America’s largest unofficial holiday. Its a time for food, talking smack with your friends, betting on random things like who will win the coin toss, watching the 4.5 million dollar commercials and of course watching the game itself...
Quad Citian’s Who Played In A Super Bowl
Ten football players from the Quad Cities have played in a Super Bowl.
The most famous has to be Roger Craig. The Davenport Central grad started as a running back for San Francisco in Super Bowls XIX, XXIII and XXIV. Scored a record three touchdowns in 1985...

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