Tik Tok

[Watch] You Wish You Could Dance Like This Iowa Man
Tik Tok user @elleroo22 drives the same route almost every day in the city of Des Moines. She sees the same man hanging out in the very same spot right along the highway every single day. This man, who goes by Milleo, spends some time dancing in crowded Des Moines traffic (don't try this at hom…
Tik Toker Zooms in on Random Iowa Houses
This account is called Zooming In Iowa Houses and it's my new obsession. Who hasn't zoomed in on Google Maps to try and find their house or even their friends' houses? There are currently about 85 videos of this person zooming in on random Iowa homes.
Jesup Man Takes Cow To Dairy Queen
This hilarious video of an Iowan farmer taking his cow for a drive went viral, and it turns out the Tik Tok team is closer than we thought. Mason, the man in the video is from Jesup, IA, and his bovine friend is named Gucci.