Iowa Drivers Worst With Turn Signals, Merging Too.
Anyone who has sat in traffic during I-74 bridge construction knows how Iowans struggle with zipper merging. That was one of the findings in a survey by the folks at Kars4Kids according to a report published on Monday.
In a survey of driving habits in all 50 states, Iowa drivers received a failing gr…
Iowa Senate Votes to Keep Speed Cameras
Despite their unpopularity, I for one support the use of speed cameras. Statistics show they reduce accidents where they are in use, and if you're not speeding, then what do you have to worry about?
According to a report by our news partners at WQAD News 8, the Iowa Senate has voted to keep spee…
Government Bridge Closed For Repairs Today
Since November we've had the good fortune of not having to wait for barges to pass through Lock & Dam 15 in Davenport to use the Government Bridge. A construction barge has been in the lock all winter as work has been performed to install equipment to allow the lock to be drained for in…
Police Activity Shuts Down Centennial Bridge
UPDATE: Centennial Bridge has reopened to traffic.
Centennial Bridge has been shut down due to police activity.
Information is limited at this time.
Avoid the area if possible.
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Accident on I-74 Iowa Bound Near I-80
UPDATE: Traffic is now moving freely.
ORIGINAL STORY: An accident on I-74 Iowa bound near I-80 is causing traffic to back-up to 53rd Street.
The incident occurred around 7:30 a.m. on Friday.
Avoid the area if at all possible.
Accident Blocks I-280 Ramp at U.S. 61
An accident has blocked an I-280 ramp at U.S. 61 in Davenport.
According to the Iowa Department of Transportation, the westbound entrance ramp, Exit 6, is blocked.
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