WQAD Anchor Draws Ire of HBO Star
Our friend Jonathan Ketz at WQAD News 8 was just doing his job when he reported a story about HBO comedian John Oliver rallying support for net neutrality - the FCC policy that prevents pay-for-priority traffic sorting on the internet.
Maybe it was Jonathan's delivery that caught the eye of…
5 Things For Tuesday
1. A fan has sued Kayne West for convincing him to join Tidal. (Pop Crush)
2. Human remains found on the Big Island in Milan are being tested to identify remains (WQAD)
3. Needed rain is on the way over the next couple days. (WQAD)
5 Things You Should Know Today
1. You can help support the family of Braddock Shovlain who was killed in an accident on Friday by sharing or giving to the Go Fund Me campaign. (B100quadcities.com)
2. Northern Iowa teens raise more than $16,000 for the University of Iowa's Children's Hospital...