I am so excited for the snow-melting weather this weekend.

One of the biggest factors that can make this weekend a go or a bust, is weather. In the Midwest, especially this week after the return of snow, it's definitely something we are used to changing. Sometimes, even after 5 minutes.


I got a case of spring-fever pretty early this year. And while I gave my very best effort to survive winter with a better perspective, I still have to be true to my love of warmer weather and sunshine.

The glorious return of warmer temps has got me like:


Friday, James Zahara from WQAD.com says,

"We’ll reach around 40 for Thursday with lower 50s on Friday, Saint Patrick’s Day itself.  That transition will likely lead to a light shower before drying out for the rest of the weekend.  By then, temperatures will range between 50 to 55 degrees.  The warmest coming on Sunday."